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What Exactly Do I Do?

Well, the short answer is I'm a brand specialist. I help small businesses develop their brand.  I also do graphic design. I'd say think of me as an interpreter and a personal trainer for your brand. Marketing? Oh, that's my bucket! I firmly believe I should be the first drop in that bucket, setting the tone for everything else to follow. My mission? Simple, I'm here to help you define, develop, and execute a brand that speaks to the right audience in all the right places. I want to help you get out of your own way by showcasing some of the best parts of you. So let's take a look at some of the things I tackle with you right out of the gate:

  • Identifying your personal "why". Why are you doing this thing that you do? This isn't an easy question for a lot of people to answer, but don't worry, I'll help you.

  • Define your audience. Who are your people? Who would want to work with you and why? Who do you love working with? Who is in your life now that can become a client or ambassador for your brand?

  • Clarify your brand "voice". This is how you sound to your potential clients. My brand voice, for example, is kind and pretty casual with a sprinkle of snark. Very much aligned with my personality,

  • Align your visuals with your voice. This seems simple enough, but it's really critical. People are visual creatures, and we have about 1.5 seconds to grab their attention in today's world. The best way to do that is with clear visuals that capture who you are within that 1.5 seconds.

  • Create your logo and give you a brand guide. Notice that the logo isn't the first thing on the list. It shouldn't be. I know, I know it's the fun part to do, so most people want to do it first. The problem is that unless you work through the who am I, why am I doing this, and who am I trying to reach process, any logo you create will probably have to be re-done quickly. It will always feel a bit "off" and won't feel cohesive with your brand. 

What I Don't Do

  • Work with a**holes - it just won't work out - sorry (that's not true, I'm not sorry at all)

  • Promise 1,000 leads from one IG post - I'm not a lead factory, and I don't promise unrealistic things

  • Do everything that people think falls under "marketing." If you're a real estate agent, when you get an inspection report, are you fixing the roof or replacing the electrical box? No, the fact that you work in real estate doesn't mean you do everything related to real estate. Same. However, I have a fantastic network of specialists who do everything you'll need, and I'll help you coordinate it all.

What Is A Brand?

Simply put, a brand is what people say about you. That's it. Many pieces go into that, but a brand specialist like myself can help you control the narrative. Branding is a long game, not a short game, and it's constantly evolving. A brand is not your logo, colors, or pictures; those are the visuals that create the story you're trying to tell. They are a part of your brand but not the entirety of it. 

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