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This one is special to me so I have a lot to share but can't share it all. I'll start with the basic facts. This is a couple that retired to Sandestin Florida. Then they decided that wasn't really working for them and it was time to jump into the real estate game there.

What they asked for: A coastal vibe without it being the typical Florida bright blue and white. They specialize in luxury homes but also work with clients who are in a more average price point, We need to be able to speak to both.

They have a unique story of how they both grew up going to Destin as children and have a very special love for it. They realized over time that they were there at the same time for many years but on opposite ends of the beach and never met. Honestly, this story is like be still my beating heart good.

What I proposed: I wanted to tap into the history a bit. Both so they felt connected deeply to the brand they were putting out there but also so it would connect with the audience they were trying to reach. Many of those folks are 50+ seeking a lifestyle that is a little more relaxed but still quality driven.

When I asked what the number one thing people ask them is, the answer was simple, where to eat. So one of the first things we did was a restaurant guide that has all of their favorite spots. This couple is high energy, funny as hell and people who will wear Versace, that was purchased in Paris to the most dive bar on the planet to get some good crawfish. It's how they roll and I love them for it. I also wanted to make sure that was part of their brand. CLICK HERE to see the guide we ended up with.

The visuals

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