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Mr. Makeover - Ray

Well this one is sort of the one that people talk about the most. I've done a lot of rebrands and brand fixes over the years but this is the one I hear about the most. When Ray came to me his goal was to move into the luxury market. His real estate business was doing alright but he just couldn't get past a certain point. He was hitting his ceiling and couldn't figure out how to break through. One of the first things I saw was that he didn't look the part. The image he as putting out there didn't speak to the audience he was trying to attract at all. Then I dug into his numbers. Then his team members. Everything needed to change. We needed to reallocate some marketing funds, we needed team members who were growth minded and not afraid to really roll up their sleeves, and we needed to visually align his brand with the outcome he wanted. Within 60 days of our relaunch he had his first luxury client. Ray had been chasing his dream of serving a certain client base and even winning an award for production for years. He had all the right things within him but not the right people beside him to help get him there.

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